There exist many interesting tools for organizational and project management, customer relationships, bug-tracking systems and actually everything that comes to your mind.

I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years and I have been searching for an ideal solution for 8 years. Now, already for a longer period of time, it looks like I have found what I was looking for. Using 10 different systems for 10 different agendas is maybe good at having all information for a certain segment but the interconnectedness is minimal. The user’s interface is in each system different and each month you will receive lot of invoices for these services. I have used Mantis, Basecamp, Highrise, GoPlan, ActiveCollab, SalesForce, SugarCRM, and various organizations’ intranets, blogs, twitter and many more. And what has been the result? At first sight an order in everythig, at second sight organized and disconnected chaos that is not fun to use.

I had a sceptical view on Podio as I had to other systems for project management and business operations systems. What can be different? I know too simple Basecamp, too complicated ActiveCollab, too simple Highrise CRM system and for small teams unsuitable SalesForce, so – WTF? After few hours when using Podio I was able to tweet and send invitations to all people I know who face the same problem – finding the right system. And what has been the result? After few months we switched from few systems to one – to Podio – and so far we are absolutely satisfied.

But why is Podio so interesting? It is a combination of simplicity of 37Signals applications – one application suitable for almost all fields.

The principle behind Podio is that each project has different needs and requirements. During the development process it is necessary to deal with milestones, tasks, errors, list of application’s functions, instructions etc. As a next step you need to sort out marketing – list of journalists’ contacts, presentations, marketing plan and other. With Podio you can sort out everything. You create so called “space”, in other words place for your project and in there you upload applications you need. For this purpose PodioAppStore can be used in which you will find tens of applications that are arranged in various categories (Management, Sales/CRM, Development, Intranet, HumanResources etc.). Select applications and insert them in your “space”.

In Podio, you can manage applications’ development, examine marketing issues and customer relationships or keep job applicants database and list of colleagues’ birthdays.

But that is not the end, any selected application can be “cloned” and own application can be created. Is there a business opportunities button missing in your application menu? Clone and create your own app without knowing any programming language. Everything can be created with simple clicks. Applications in Podio are very simple, don’t expect complicated computations and sophisticated functions; it is all about simple information databases. The power of Podio is not in the system itself but in its AppStore, as in case of iPhone.

We use Podio in CZECHGEEKS for managing our projects – both development and marketing projects, but also for managing company’s intranet or for monitoring results of NHL matches which we play on PlayStation. An application for iPhone or Android phones is available. Development of iPad application is in process.

The commercial model of Podio is also pleasant. All applications that you find (or create) in AppStore, are for free. The whole application is for free. You pay only in case you need more than 10 users or if you value elaborated system of access rights and of course technical support.

Certainly, I recommend to try Podio. It is not for everyone but if you like simplicity and you prefer to have “all in one”…Podio is the right choice.