Persuasion skills are needed both in business as well as in the private life. In business it is a crucial aspect as you have to be able to communicate and negotiate with individuals at all levels of an organization and also with external partners.

An example is a sales representative who is responsible for persuading a customer to purchase the company’s product. Without persuasion skills, the sales person would be completely ineffective and unable to do his/her job.

Do you feel that your persuasion skills need some improvement? Then read the following tips.

1. Listen

To be an effective persuader you need to listen carefully. If you want to be heard, then listening is vital as it gives the other person chance to express all the wants and needs. But most importantly, it shows that you are not pursuing only your own interests. Naturally there is some aim of the conversation, nevertheless the other person should not feel manipulated. Everyone strives for benefits. Therefore the result of the conversation should be beneficial for both sides. In other words, win-win situation should be achieved.

2. Practise

Even though you might not be good at persuading others, it is not a huge problem. You just need to practise as much as possible. No matter how shy you are, persuasion skills can be improved. You should communicate with all different people and definitely you will face a situation when you would like to convince the other person about something. Try to improvise and behave naturally. Do not feel under pressure. The more you communicate with people, the better you become in persuasion and negotiation.

3. No fear

Try to eliminate all worries and fear of being unsuccessful in your persuasion. These feelings create a barrier for improvement. The only solution is not to think about being unsuccessful and making mistakes. That will affect your mood and you will behave stiff and nervous. Even if you make any mistake it doesn’t matter because everyone makes them. No one is perfect. If any mistake occurs in the discussion, analyze it properly when the conversation is over. Learn from your mistakes. Maybe you failed in persuading one person but in the future you will meet more people and you will have a chance to get better and better.