I am a dreamer, innovator, divergent thinker and social entrepreneur. I pursue to live and breathe with technology and innovation as a lifestyle tirelessly. 

I love to break things to move faster, innovate better and fail cheaper.

Specialties: Innovator with true passion for Business, Design, Business Models & Innovation, Social Business & Social Networking, Community Building, Photography and Software Development


  • Social Responsible Employer of the Year 2017
  • Visionary 2016 for the first czech-speaking chatbot (Datasys, 2016)
  • New Europe 100 Innovator's List (2015)
  • Social Responsible Employer of the Year 2013
  • Finalist - The Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, 2015
  • Social Responsible Employer of the Year 2010
  • Award of Ministry of Interior for the support of ICT in the public administration - 2010
  • OpenOffice.org Community Innovation Program Award 2008

Covered by: Forbes, Techcrunch, Mashable, CRo , Zive, Lupa, Tyinternety, E15, BIZ, Ekonom, MF Dnes, Hospodarske noviny, Bizzone...

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Current projects

Freelance Consultant
innovations, marketing, business development, coaching

PIXBUF - a better way to share, sell and analyze your photos
ceo, founder, 2015 - today

GOODSAILORS - meaningful work for handicapped
ceo, lighthouse keeper, 2002 - today

DISWAY - Social network for disabled travelers
co-founder, advisor, 2013 - today

Past projects

CZECHGEEKS - great developers for mobile & web
co-founder, 2011 - 2015. Acquired by Datasys.

MOREDAYS - our first end-user product - an app for planning your life with fun and style. Failed in 2014.

OSS ALLIANCE - supporting open-source in the public administration, non-for-profit organization. Acquired by incommunity.

NIKONCLUB - the largest photo-club in Czech Republic for Nikon users. Acquired by Zulu Group.

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