I’m blessed to live in the most breathtaking place on Earth, the national park of Bohemian Switzerland, in the heart of Europe. Existing amidst the cascading rocks, lush trees, and morning fogs, I find myself at peace within the calm and serenity of the forests. 


My passion for traveling started in my childhood, thanks in large part to my parents. When I was younger, we were always traveling and that love of exploration persists to this day. It was with them, that I first saw the sea. We were together in this old car of ours for more than 2500 km, driving to Greece, former Yugoslavia, and countless other places that resonate with me to this day. I've been lucky enough to have visited more than 30 countries in my life and always gravitate to the charm of cities and national parks. Check out my travel section for more info and photos.


My passion may be in business, photography, and design, by my heart forever remains with nature. Through my businesses and during my free time, I’m always trying to do my part to help with preservation. To that end, you’ll regularly find me helping to clean the forests of our national park or spending time as a proud volunteer park ranger.

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