I live in a fabulous place on the world, in the national park Bohemian Switzerland, in the hearth of Europe. It's my home, full of rocks, forests and morning fogs. Watch my short movie about Bohemian Switzerland to know better how it looks like ;-). I cannot live without walking through our forests...


It started in my childhood thanks to my father. They always travelled a lot and travels even today. With them, I've seen the sea for the first time, we've travelled with our old car more than 2500 km to Greece, former Yugoslavia and other nice places that we could travel to because of political restrictions in Czechoslovakia till 1989. I've visited more than 30 countries all around world. I love charming cities and national parks. I don't like travel agencies, I'm always traveling on my own. Check out my travel section for more info and photos.


With my companies and my family, we're always trying to help preserving our nature. We help cleaning forests in national park Bohemian Switzerland and also, I'm a proud voluntary park ranger here.

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