I often meet people who say „I wish I could do this/I wish I worked as”, but they say they cannot fulfill their dreams. They would like to become entrepreneurs, but they say they cannot because they have to go to work – some people work as managers but want to be travelers; other work in IT but are tempted to work in agriculture; some people are merchandisers but want to be writers. These people can fulfill their dreams. The problem is that they do not want to. Someone who wants, does what he/she enjoys; it is only about determination and courage.

The beginning of 2011 was for me in many aspects a turning point. In recent years, I have been working on few projects which I have passed on to other people this year and now full of enthusiasm and energy I am prepared to work on new projects. Many of you know me as an establisher of blue.point Solutions company, a chairman of OSS Alliance organization or as an establisher of NikonClub Czech Republic and Slovakia.

blue.point Solutions is a company that me and my colleagues founded in 2002 and which has given me lot of experience, operates successfully up to now. blue.point has a stable team of skilled workers, great director and sufficient amount of work. It is a company that does not strive for being something more than a provider of quality applications for Czech Republic or abroad. In the spring 2011 I decided to terminate my director’s position and I passed on the duty to my colleague. Almost after nine years I decided to leave the company when I was in an executive function. I will still help blue.point to move forward and I will support them in everything what they do but I will act only as a co-owner.

In the spring 2005 I established another organization – OSS Alliance – a non-profit organization which aims to help open-source in the Czech Republic. The person who inspired me to make this step was a ministress of information technology at that time – Dana Bérová. OSS Alliance has done a lot of work during its existence, it achieved success through numerous articles, conferences in Czech and also abroad, studies or completed projects. The most siginificant success of OSS Alliance is in my opinion completion of Open-source application of records services for public service – this application is currently used by more than 500 subjects in the Czech Republic. Company’s former spokesman – Martin Chlouba is for more than a year responsible for OSS Alliance. I am satisfied with the work I have done in OSS Alliance and I wish the whole open-source scene only success and also involvement of more people who are passionate about their work and less people who only complain.

Quite recently, in 2008 I created a web portal for photographers who like Nikon. At that time I didn’t know what is going to happen. New NikonClub was created and this club has nowadays more than 3000 members, more than 30 000 website visitors per month and that’s how toy for free time tranformed into a full time project. Also in this case, I decided to pass on NikonClub to someone who could move the company further – prepare quality content, arrange events for Nikon people and other projects. Together with Lukas we have come up with many ideas but we have never completed them. When we had a chance to do that we both became fathers and NikonClub was therefore set aside. I didn’t come to terms with that and I would rather see someone else leading the company, someone who is able to help NikonClub to become something more than it is now.

And what are my plans now?

I am not going to run away to forests, I am not going to become a park controller (even though I believe that it must be wonderful , I am not going to take a parental leave. Last year I met with a person who I got on very well with from the first moment we met. It didn’t take long and we prepared a common project. That is the reason why I spent this spring with “purification”. I need enough space for those things that I am really enthusiastic about and for the projects that have a potential to be used by hundred thousands or millions of people all over the world.