Gadgets like Jawbone Up or Fitbit are really popular these days. I was using Fitbit for some time and now I’m trying Jawbone Up. So what are my experiences with both of it?
The basic idea of both gadgets is the same, Fitbit is a small piece of hardware which you can have in your pocket, t-shirt or whatever. Up is a bracelet. I think that a lot of people would like to wear a bracelet and a lot of people would like to have something just hidden in their pocket.
Jawbone Up

  • bracelet, so you wear it all the day and night and don’t need to bother where did you forgot it

  • better iPhone app with nice design and features

  • can use vibrations to wake you up or tell you that you should go out and do something

  • it’s water-resistant, so you can wear it really all the time (pool, shower etc.)

  • you can record workouts with Up or with GPS in Up App in iPhone


  • not so comfortable to wear, hard to type on your notebook with it for example

  • no wireless synchronization, you always need to have your iPhone and sync with it with cable

  • you have to have an iPhone to use it

  • not good web application, just the iPhone app


  • a small piece of hardware (like a small usb-key), you can have it in your pocket

  • great web-application with nice reports, statistics etc.

  • can be synchronized wirelessly, no cables, works great

  • record floors which you climb every day

  • you see all the data immediately on the device’s display


  • always looking for Fitbit where I forgot it

  • not water resistant, so check your pockets before you go to a pool

  • not so good mobile app with all the social stuff