I love Leica cameras. I had Leica M8, M9 and film M7. I've sold my M9 a few days ago and now, I'm only with my film camera - and I'm quite happy! Why?

  • I make the most of my digital photos with iPhone 4S - you always have it in your pocket, so the best family shots I have is from iPhone - and the quality of iPhone 4S camera is pretty cool

  • I love film and I love taking black and white shots with my M7 and Ilford film

  • The price of Leica M9 will drop down soon, so it is a good time to sell it now

M9 was the best camera I've ever had (and I've tried a lot of them - Nikon D50, D90, D300, D700, D3) - small, compact, nice and with great photo-quality. The main reason for selling it is that I'd like to stay with film only Leica. I'm now using my M7, Polaroid and I plan to buy Lytro camera for fun.

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