Last few months are very busy for us in Czechgeeks, Pixerience and blue.point. We’ve never had so many projects as we’re working on right now in our whole history.

We strengthened our team with new people, we are now 36 people (all 3 companies together). All my companies are going to move to the new and much better offices very soon to support creativity and collaboration of our teams.

In Czechgeeks, we’ve prepared a simple CRM system for us. But after a few weeks, we’ve decided to make this app available for everyone, because it’s so simple and nice that we think that you’ll love it! We’ll launch Customeed - The most easiest CRM in the world - soon. Feel free to register for an invite now.

Also, we’re finishing quite a nice app for national parks all around the world with designers from Pixerience and also we’re working on a Moredays successor - Yournaline. All these projects are possible thanks to great developers in Czechgeeks and extraordinary designers from Pixerience.

We’re also working on a great project for designers in Pixerience. We’ll launch it in a few weeks. Especially if you like great icons, you gonna love it ;-). Unfortunatelly I cannot tell you more now...

In blue.point, my first company that is working with handicapped people, we’re working on a “Trip advisor for disabled travellers” - Disway. With a great support from Vodafone, it’ll be the best service for all handicapped travelers!

I’ll post more information about the projects in couple of days, so stay tuned!