We'd love to share some updates with you about the future of Hello project. We are working on Hello since Autumn 2012 and we've invented some really neat features for it. We've launched on 1st of February 2013 and we got great feedback and interest from you. We had more than 30,000 signups in 3 days and we're really happy about it.

We've been chosen to work with various accelerators early this year and we have a great feedback from some really large IT vendors. But we have decided differently.

We have much more than only the features you can see on our website and we still believe that it's the right time for something big in e-mail industry. However, we've decided to discontinue Hello development. There is a lot of reasons why not do this - people are really excited about all new e-mail projects, we have great design and nice features (we'll reveal other features previews soon) that other competitors doesn't. But there is also a lot of reasons why not to continue on Hello. Working on such a large project takes time. And that's one of the main reasons - We think that we're too late in this industry. There is a lot of other projects working on new e-mail clients and I believe that we'll all benefit from this. 

So I'd love to thanks all of you for your interest and enthusiasm while sharing the great news about Hello. We're not leaving the e-mail industry, we'll continue to work on the future of e-mail and we'll share some interesting concepts what we've invented. But we'll not continue working on our iOS and Android client.

Again - thank you for your support and sorry for bad news, we know that all of you would enjoy using Hello!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!

P.S. Don't forget to check out other interesting projects like Mailbox, WeLoveMail or Evomail. Also, some great things will come from Apple, Yahoo and AOL ;-).