There are good and bad ideas, successful and failed startups. Among the areas that I find very interesting and with huge potential is connecting of paper and digital world. Many people are gradually returning to the written form, whether planning your time or writing notes. Digital devices have many advantages, but the paper is paper and Moleskine is Moleskine.

One of the great ideas from this world is Livescribe. Pen that can record what you write or draw and add to it some additional features (audio recorder, applications, etc.). Unfortunately, it seems that Livescribe has produced an interesting product that wants to kill.

Their pens didn’t bring something new over the last few years, their software was replaced with Evernote (nothing against it), but especially when you look at their range of paper accessories, it is quite dismal. No partner program for supporting 3rd party developers. I contacted Livescribe unsuccessfully several times that we would like to produce a scheduling system that would use their technology. No response. They have a great product that needs some next development, but it seems like they are not interesting in it. Also, look at their website and e-shop – good for year 2002!

Connecting the planning system could move this product to a completely new market. And it would be enough just to create a partner environment.

But unfortunately it seems that Livescribe will die soon. Goodbye, I’m selling my Livescribe pen…