I use my iCloud account for more than 10 years, from 2002 when it was called .Mac and it wasn't very good. I've been paying for this service from its beginning and I've been always quite happy with it. But my companies run on Google Apps so I decided that it’s time to change this 2 weeks ago. iCloud is nice, but without supporting your own domain and with only a little features for sharing your events, I just have to move to Google.

What are the reasons to migrate from iCloud to Google Apps?

  • iCloud sharing and working with calendars is quite a pain with people without iCloud account

  • My mailbox has more than 25GB so I’m paying for my iCloud account 100USD/year but I’m not using the majority of my space

  • iCloud file syncing is a great idea but only few apps support it, so I’m unable to use it for all my documents (another 30+ GB), at this moment, I’m paying 100USD/year for Dropbox for this

  • iCloud does not support mapping your own domain

Pain #1

So how is it for Apple user to migrate to Google? Hard. All the process from registering my Google Apps account, setting it up, mapping my domain, paying for this. Google has quite nice services but the UI/UX of their apps is just terrible. Can’t imagine that my father could do this on his own - no way! But he was able to setup and manage his iCloud account in a minute.

Pain #2

I have my old Google account, my friends on Google+ and everything on my standard @gmail address. Is there a way to transfer this to my new account? No! After an hour of searching, I’ve managed how to transfer my Google+ information. Ok, still waiting for the migration at this moment. All other things - you need to export it (documents etc.) and import to your new account.

Pain #3

I had more than 800 meetings in my calendar last year, so my calendar file is quite big. Don’t try to import/export data in your Apple iCal. The only working way is to export ICS file from your iCalendar and then import it in google web service. It worked great. The same with your contacts, export it from your Address Book and import it in your gmail.

Pain #4

OK, 28GB of my e-mails in iCloud. How to transfer it to my Google Account? Google says he can do it! Wow. Now way. Their import filter is an old script not working with current iCloud. I found a service called YippieMove that can do this for you for another 15 bucks. It’s now more than a week ago and still transferring my e-mails from iCloud to Google. But it seems that it works great. Thanks God.

Pain #5

I’ve decided to use web-based Gmail client as my primary tool for e-mails. Apple Mail is not working very good with Gmail and I don’t like other clients (AirMail, Postbox, Mail Pilot). I found that I can turn off my Sane subscription because Gmail can do this for me for free. Great! Another saving on the way.

Pain #6

The main reason for migrating was the ability to share my calendar with my co-workers. I did it. But again - Google, you should really hire someone who will make your products easier to use! The ui/ux of Google Calendar is terrible compared to Apple iCal. Can’t use the web-based service for this. Bought Sunrise for iPhone and iPad and I’m quite happy on mobile devices.

Android Device

As a long time Apple user, I decided to try Android (again). Now I’m fully transferred to the hands of The Big Brother so why not to complete this with an android phone and tablet. I borrowed a Samsung Galaxy tablet from our office, restore it and setup it with my Google Apps ID. The setup itself was quick and easy - as on an iPad. But that was the end of everything good with it. I’m sorry Android users but your systems is a piece of shit. Working with it for 15 minutes. Found that the Gmail app in it is quite outdated (Gmail app in my iPad is much more better), trying to find where to update it. Failed. Giving the tablet to my son (3 yo) - changed for my iPad in 3 minutes. Gave it to my wife - What the hell is this? Does this have a button? Yes, it has plenty of buttons there. No way. Trying to browse the Google Play Store, trying some apps, contacts, e-mail, browser. I’m sorry but this system us useless. That’s a Linux with KDE 0.9 and not a good system in 2014. Google, you should really do something with this, I’m very sorry that milions of people use this!

Conclusion #1

It’s possible to move from iCloud to Google Apps, it’s not so easy and it’s quite time-comsuming, but you can do it.

Conclusion #2

Google is a great way for your business or personal use when you need all of its services. Gmail, Google Drive, Priority Inbox, Calendar. It works. Can’t say “It just works” but “It works”.

Conclusion #3

Speaking about the design, ui, ux - Google needs to work on this hard. When you’re a long time MacOS and iOS user, you’ll repeat “WTF?!” all the time in the first days.

Conclusion #4

You can save money with migrating all your stuff to Google. I can cancel my Dropbox account, Sanebox account and iCloud storage upgrade. I have now everything in my Google Account.

Conclusion #5

iOS and MacOS devices is the best way how to use your Google Apps. I understand why the majority of Google employees uses Mac. Google, your web services (not Gmail) are very complicated and your Android system is simply useless compared to iOS. It’s great for developers and geeks but not for people who wants to work on it or play on it.

Before the migration:

  • iCloud for e-mail, contacts, some files, calendars

  • Dropbox for document storing and sharing

  • Sanebox for a “priority inbox” with my iCloud account

Afther the migration:

  • Google Apps with a storage upgrade, everything on my own domain.

That’s good!