We've been working on this for some time. Using our experience from Moredays and Hello projects, we're happy that we can announce the public availability of our new product - Customeed. We believe that even a CRM can have a great design and usability. Feel free to try it out and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Customeed team is revolutionizing CRM industry with the simple functionality - user experience. There is a huge amount of CRM systems on the market with one common problem - users hate using all those systems, because it is a waste of time for majority of them and using it is a real pain. Customeed is the most comfortable CRM on Earth.

Our time in business is extremely expensive and if you are not able to generate the new opportunities every day, to execute your projects and getting in touch with your customers, your competitors will do it sooner than you think for you. Customeed is built to bring only the most important functions, nothing more, nothing less. Creators believes that it's important to spend your time with your customers and not working hours with your CRM system.

Customeed is a must have for all freelancers and small businesses that needs to do the business, not bureaucracy with the "corporate CRM systems". 

"We believe that in a small business, you need only a limited amount of information, because the majority of it is anyway transferred by phone or at meetings. We don't believe that forcing users to enter every piece of information to a CRM will bring you a new business." says Filip Molcan, co-founder of Customeed. 

With Customeed you can manage your opportunities, clients and projects like working with your e-mail. You can use it on your computer, tablet or smartphone - everywhere with pixel-perfect design and great user experience.

"Our team gathered experiences from design, productivity and sales for more than 10 years to build the app that you will love using. We believe that simplicity, great design and outstanding user experience is what today users expects from business tools, not only from lifestyle apps." says Daniel Maslo, co-founder of Customeed.

Finally there is a CRM that you really want to use.