As you may know, I’m living in a small village (about 90 people) in Bohemian Switzerland National park for more than 7 years. I left the city with my family and I’m very happy living in the mountains. But I travel a lot. I have a lot of meetings in Prague so I have to travel there 2-3 times a week.

Here in Europe, people wants to meet in person. Even if they want to talk to you for 15 minutes, they want to meet with you. For me, it is very time-consuming - traveling to and from Prague is about 3 hours. In my opinion -  more than 60 % of all in-person meetings can be done via Skype without any troubles.

We need to work, not to travel, not to talk.

So, here it is. I’ll send a postcard from my photos to everyone who is OK with a video-call instead of meeting personally. You will save my time, you will save your time and you will save our nature. And you can collect postcards! ;-)

Save Time, Save Nature.