Today, my website visitor number 100,000 typed in his/her browser. 100.000 visitors in the last 3 years on my blog. Thank you so much for your interest. I'm really happy that you like my photos and you'ŕe curious about my experience in business, traveling and photography.

As a gift to all my visitors, I've updated my Wallpaper section with new wallpapers for all retina devices and even iMac 5K. Feel free to download all my wallpapers and share it to your friends.

Here are some interesting numbers from Analytics about you and my content.

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You're visiting my website from:
35 % Czech Republic (my sweet home)
27 % United States
5 % United Kingdom
3 % Germany (Hello neighbors!)
3 % Canada
3 % Slovakia (Hello brothers!) 

Browsers of my readers:
37 % Google Chrome
28 % Safari
22 % Firefox

Desktop vs Mobile:
75 % Desktop
25 % Mobile 

Operating Systems:
47 % Windows
24 % Mac
18 % iOS
6 % Android
5 % Linux

Again, Thank you so much for your interest! Don't forget to add my blog to your RSS reader, follow me on twitter and just drop me a line if you need anything. Also, thanks to all my colleges and  friends to help me find the right content and the great Squarespace for running my website.