Well, this is my first side-project. As a long-time amateur photographer I managed that I spend a lot of time with sharing my work rather than taking photos. And I want to change this...

The way we take photographs has changed. Even professional photographers take pictures using smartphones, post-processing is largely automatic and very soon, mobile phones will be capturing photographs of equal quality as today’s DSLRs. Similarly, the way we share photographs has also changed. Nobody goes to local photo clubs anymore; instead, photographers share their pictures on countless social networks and with professional communities, submit them into competitions and try to sell them in photo galleries.

Pixbuf creates a platform for aggregating data from all available services, finally giving photographers an idea of who likes their pictures and what communities they’re from. Pixbuf becomes a powerful analytical tool, providing photographers with their own “Google Analytics”.

In between all those activities, less and less time is left for what’s really important – taking pictures. Pixbuf is here to change that, acting as a photographer’s hub for automated sharing on various services like Facebook, Twitter, 500px, Flickr and others. You can easily upload your pictures, set up sharing and head out to the nature, city or studio to take more pictures. After you come back, the Photographer’s Analytics feature will show you who liked your photos, how much and where they’re from.

Filip Molcan, founder of Pixbuf, plans to add more networks like Instagram, Pinterest or Google+, as well as services for archiving pictures or applying for photo contests. Soon also through the use of Adobe Lightroom plugin.

“We want to give photographers back the time for photography. Making an exceptional picture is very difficult today. Standing out from the crowd on the Internet is even harder and that’s where we want to help,” says Filip Molcan, founder of Pixbuf.

Pixbuf wants to change the way photographers work with their media - allow them to easily upload, plan and share photos to all social networks, photography communities, contests or markets.

Pixbuf is available for free at http://pixbuf.com.