You can read a lot of stuff about Leica M and landscape photography. Some people says it is not a good camera for landscape photographers. But I strongly disagree. Well it depends on your preference, your style and how you capture your images.

I’m more traveler than a photographer. As a voluntary park ranger, I need to hike, be quick but I want to take photos if I see something interesting. So what is great about Leica M and landscape photography?

What is great about Leica M?

  • Leica M is light

  • Leica lenses are outstanding - you have little and light lenses with quality often better than DSLR full frame lenses that are much more heavier

  • You don’t need a backpack full of photography gear. I prefer to pack more food and other stuff for hiking ;-)

  • Manual focus and rangefinder is great way how to find new compositions

  • With latest M, you have lifeview, so no more troubles with focusing on long lenses

  • You can pack your digital M, analog M, a few lenses and it’s all working together

I’m using digital M and analog M7 with only three lenses - 28mm, 35mm and 90mm.

You can see some of my pictures taken with my Leicas in Bohemian Switzerland.

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