30 years ago, only a real photographers took the pictures. It was extremely expensive to buy a good camera and quite complicated to operate it. Thanks to it, we had some great photographers making outstanding photos and also we had some not-so-good photographers that were famous just because "they were in the right place at the right time." There were not tons of people with smartphones able to take the pictures with just tapping the display. It was good and bad. Today, everyone can be a photographer, and it is extremely easy to make great pictures - thanks to great cameras in our smartphones and thanks to our apps which make them "better".

But what is the future of photography from the perspective of technology? I believe that in the next few years, photography will change dramatically. 

Here are some of my predictions, again:


We'll see a huge jump in sensor development. We will have hundreds of megapixels in our cameras. Even in our smartphones.  Hundreds of megapixels, I mean it.

Multiple lenses

You'll be able to make a picture using multiple lenses in your smartphone or digital camera. You'll compose it later. Focusing, cropping and zooming with great bokeh even after you make the picture. Your camera will record everything what is possible, and you'll make the picture later. Oh, wait... making a picture?

Automatic processing

With the development of AI in photography, you'll not be a photographer anymore. Your camera will be. AI will find the best pictures you "took", enhance it, crop it (choose the best lens to use), add some filters, retouch it etc. You'll just squeeze the camera's shutter button. Oh, wait!

Cameras everywhere making pictures all the time

You know, we expect an explosion in VR and AR. You'll have cameras in your glasses, headsets and even in your eyes (yes, there is a project researching this). It will record your life and it will take pictures for you - automatically. 


We are talking about photography, but we will see a huge move to videography in the next years. Videos, ready for VR/AR everywhere.

New formats

No more low-res and low-color photos. No more 2D photos! You have your life recorded, right? We live in a 3D era, right? Why not to enjoy your memories as holograms? No more showing your photos on your little smartphone. Just start your 3D-holographic presentation from it. Can't wait to see my grandma again!

Automatic sharing

You know it - you're back from the last "shooting", sitting at your computer, processing your photos - AI will do all for you. Just choose the best photos and where do you want to share it. Oh, wait. This is a piece of cake to do for AI! It will choose the best photos, it will know when and where to share it. Some of them to your family, some of them to your fans, some of them to sell. Don't believe? We're already working on it at Pixbuf.com.

OK. Are there any photographers there in the next 20 years?

I think and I believe that thanks to this - photography will be art again. We'll have AI for all the "perfect shots". But photography as the art will be produced by real photographers again. At least for...5 more years? (yes, AI can make even art today) 

Also, I think that because of that, vintage photography will be more and more popular - polaroids, analog cameras will be there again.