Here is a list of recommendations from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time Donald Trump. We are inspired by such talented people and we want to share these ideas with you. These points were gathered from Donald Trump’s books. Get inspired by the business tips listed below!

  • Dream big – What you dream is what you will do.

  • Pride yourself for your ability to come out with creative solutions to tough problems.

  • Find your passion and love what you do.

  • Never take no for an answer.

  • Hire the best people, but do not trust them.

  • Get even with people who do you wrong.

  • Know that passion conquers fear.

  • Focus on the solution and not on the problem.

  • Learn from your mistakes and do not let them take you down.

  • The world does not owe you anything, everything needs to be deserved.

  • Be open to new information and new ideas.

  • Be willing to face new challenges.

  • Always think positive and expect the best.

  • Avoid negative thinking.

  • Everyone wants to kill the fastest gun.

  • Get some respect and do not give a damn if people like you.

  • Know your stuff and you will command instant respect.

  • Only hire people with positive attitudes and get rid of the bad apples fast.

  • Value loyalty above everythig else.

  • Never forgive a crook.

  • Set high standard for people and expect they will fulfill them.

  • If someone damages your reputation, take revenge that your enemy will never forget.

  • Forgive good people, but never forgive someone who is bad.

  • When somebody screws you, screw them back in spades.

  • When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough. Just go get them and they will never think about cheating on you again.

  • If somone accepts that he/she has made a mistake and apologizes, forgive that person but never trust this person again.

  • Never give up!

  • Remember that there is never an easy way to success.

  • Always take your work seriously.

  • Always focus on what you enjoy doing even if you have to face some complications.

  • Thinking big has led to human kind of all the great achievements.

  • Focus on the top and you will get there.

  • It is easier to do thing on the large scale.

  • Always think of yourself as someone important.

  • Speak out like a big thinker.

  • Hang out with other big thinkers.

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, socialite, author and a celebrity. First he worked with his father for five years and later he became a Chairman and CEO of the Trump Organization, a US-based real-estate developer. Trump is also the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operates numerous casinos and hotels across the world. Trump’s extravagant lifestyle and confidence has made himself instantly recognizable wherever he goes. In 2004 he starred in his own reality TV program The Apprentice (where he serves as host and executive producer). Trump also owns part of the three largest beauty competitions in the world, consisting of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

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