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Living in the mountains

business | innovation | marketing | design | photography


Living in the mountains

business | innovation | marketing | design | photography

I am a dreamer, innovator, divergent thinker and social entrepreneur. I pursue to live and breathe with technology and innovation as a lifestyle tirelessly. 

I love to break things to move faster, innovate better and fail cheaper.

Specialties: Innovator with true passion for Business, Design, Business Models & Innovation, Social Business & Social Networking, Community Building, Photography and Software Development


  • Visionary 2016 for the first czech-speaking chatbot (Datasys, 2016)
  • New Europe 100 Innovator's List (2015)
  • Social Responsible Employer of the Year 2013 (Czech Republic)
  • Finalist - The Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, 2015 (Czech Republic)
  • Social Responsible Employer of the Year 2010 (Czech Republic)
  • Award of Ministry of Interior for the support of ICT in the public administration - 2010 (Czech Republic)
  • OpenOffice.org Community Innovation Program Award 2008

Covered by: Forbes, Techcrunch, Mashable, CRo , Zive, Lupa, Tyinternety, E15, BIZ, Ekonom, MF Dnes, Hospodarske noviny, Bizzone...

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Current projects

Freelance Consultant
innovations, marketing, business development, coaching

PIXBUF - a better way to share, sell and analyze your photos
ceo, founder, 2015 - today

GOODSAILORS - meaningful work for handicapped
ceo, lighthouse keeper, 2002 - today

DISWAY - Social network for disabled travelers
co-founder, advisor, 2013 - today

Past projects

CZECHGEEKS - great developers for mobile & web
co-founder, 2011 - 2015. Acquired by Datasys.

MOREDAYS - our first end-user product - an app for planning your life with fun and style. Failed in 2014.

OSS ALLIANCE - supporting open-source in the public administration, non-for-profit organization. Acquired by incommunity.

NIKONCLUB - the largest photo-club in Czech Republic for Nikon users. Acquired by Zulu Group.

Check out my complete profile on Linkedin.

Media coverage

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Trying to capture the beauty of our world.


Trying to capture the beauty of our world.


I love taking shots. I've started with Canon compact camera more than 10 years ago. I used Nikon cameras for about 5 years and now, I'm with love with my Leica cameras. Taking shots manually with black-white film or on digital. 

I'm member of Decinsky Vyber photoclub and Fotografove.info.

I had 6 photo exhibitions and my photos were published in a variety of publications, magazines and books. My tools? iPhone 6, Leica M7, Leica M (digital).

Bohemian switzerland

My sweet home - Bohemian Switzerland National Park.


The beauty of the woman body. The beauty of analog photography.

US national parks

Yosemites, Zion, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and many more.


Capturing great concerts in our local club Fabrika.


My two visits to Cuba in this small collection of the place which will never look the same again.

Wild west

Bodie, California - a former mining camp near Sierra Nevada mountains.

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We should live in the nature.


We should live in the nature.


I live in a fabulous place on the world, in the national park Bohemian Switzerland, in the hearth of Europe. It's my home, full of rocks, forests and morning fogs. Watch my short movie about Bohemian Switzerland to know better how it looks like ;-). I cannot live without walking through our forests...


It started in my childhood thanks to my father. They always travelled a lot and travels even today. With them, I've seen the sea for the first time, we've travelled with our old car more than 2500 km to Greece, former Yugoslavia and other nice places that we could travel to because of political restrictions in Czechoslovakia till 1989. I've visited more than 30 countries all around world. I love charming cities and national parks. I don't like travel agencies, I'm always traveling on my own. Check out my travel section for more info and photos.


With my companies and my family, we're always trying to help preserving our nature. We help cleaning forests in national park Bohemian Switzerland and also, I'm a proud voluntary park ranger here.

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